Manufacturing of Machines for Industrial Production / Standard and Special Solutions

(Mod: DPM32)

For liquid or viscous products in plastic containers

Fillers Machines
Container positioning and feeding • Container Filling • Cap placing • Cap closing and final fitting

Machine designed under ACM (Adapt Concept Machines)

Quick change of formats and modular functions.
Adapt Concept Machines is a paradigmatic shift in machine design concept for industrial production of high performance, providing greater flexibility and adaptability to new production requirements.
The DPM32 model was designed for flexible product and market strategies with automated processes adaptable to different needs regarding container size and shape, and with quick change of formats, automatic cleaning system (CIP) and modularization of the functions.

Flexibility and adaptability with modular
and multi-format systems

Modular System

The design is based on a modular system which allows simple incorporation of functions:
- Module 1: Container orientation and feeding (Unscrambler).
- Module 2: Container filling.
- Module 2A: Clean in Place (CIP) - Automatic cleaning system for fillers.
- Module 3: Cap orientation and feeding.
- Module 4: Placing of pumps with dip tube or caps into filled containers.
- Module 5: Screw cap or pressure cap closing.
- Module 6: Cardboard boxes forming and filling.

You only acquire the modules you will use (cleaning, closing, etc.)

Multi-format System

Pucks with different formats of containers

1. Change of format with Pucks (containers).
With this system, it is possible to change the format of each container with different shapes and sizes, by means of using specially designed containers (pucks) for the transportation and processing. This system provides greater stability and precision in handling the containers.

Plastic container filling module

2. Quick change of formats with servo-assisted positioning.
Change of formats for each type of container using servomotors which automatically regulate and measure the movements of the device.