Tecna Machines provides Reverse Engineering services, by means of incorporating real-world objects (mechanical or plastic molded pieces) into CAD systems in the engineering workflow. We use an accurate blue light laser scanner, 3D Geomagic Capture, integrated to different software systems for professional use, reverse engineering and quality inspection.

The scanning software, together with the Capture scanner, allows us to obtain a point cloud which afterwards will be processed using the Geomagic Wrap software to transform it into a close mesh, free from defects. Subsequently, the Geomagic Design X software is used to recognize different shapes of the solid in question, in a fast and semi-automatic way, making it easier to reconstruct the original model into a parametric one. This specific reverse engineering software combines CAD with 3D data processing scans in order to create editable solid models.

3D Tecna Machines apart from providing design services for reverse engineering, it represents 3DSystems in Argentina and commercializes every hardware and software mentioned above.