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It is an Argentinean company, whose main business is the manufacture and exportation of Automatic machines for industrial production, such as Assemblers, Packers, Fillers, End-of-line packaging, among other machines.

In our industrial facilities, development and production processes are conceived in an integral way, from the capturing of the customer's production requirements, through the machining and assembly, to the operation of each machine.

Furthermore, we are specialized in giving solutions adapted to the particular needs of every customer. Tecna Machines focuses on giving “customized” solutions. These projects with a high level innovation are used when the products handled present certain characteristics for which there is no appropriate standard equipment. Generally, this happens when the product itself also presents novelties.

For more than twenty-five years, the company has always regarded innovation as the most important tool enabling us to place our services one step ahead of the existing suppliers. All our efforts in making this company grow are the starting point to increase the development capacity regarding Engineering and Design, which are essential elements of the basic platform on which the creative process of machines with high added value is developed. This development and performance of our projects is carefully planned to guarantee a perfect timing to reach deadlines, including the setting up, different adjustments in our facilities and training of the customer’s personnel.

We keep a close relationship with our customers in each particular stage, specially supporting and advising them during the after sale service, strengthening the performance of our machines.


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