The best way to reduce time and cost when testing a system, device or mechanical piece is by means of quality prototypes, which respond to the product in a faithful way and accurately represent the features, functionality and performance of the final product.

Tecna Machines not only has CNC machines for mechanical prototyping, but it also has in its facilities professional 3D printing machines to create prototypes which are used to verify the form of digital designs, the mechanical adjustment among the various components of the product and its functionality before deciding the final production.

The wide variety of options of strong and thermally stable materials provided by 3DSystems enables us to create models that are strong enough to be used as workpieces, and to eventually test their form, fitting and functionality. Our printers have an extremely smooth surface finish, with the highest level of precision and accuracy at national level.

Thanks to the professional 3DSystems printers, our design team and customers can speed up the product design process, which results into saving resources due to the fact that we reach the market faster. But not everything is about speed and saving; our printers help to improve quality by providing multiple views of concept, offering full color models and creating more opportunities for feedback and improvements along the way.

The most important variables to consider when selecting a 3D printing system are the physical characteristics required for the prototype such as materials, dimensional tolerance, hardness, color, surface finish and vibration resistance, among others.

3D printing. Prototype of rotary pump (piston and covering) for AVON.
Gripper with vacuum channels printed on crystalline polymer.
Prototype of a vacuum generator multi-stage Venturi system.