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Apart from being one of the leading manufacturers of special and customized automatic packaging machines for Latin America, TECNA MACHINES also has a division inside the company, 3DTECNA MACHINES, officially representing 3DSystems in Argentina, with a wide range of 3D services, 3D printing machines, 3D scanners and 3D modeling software.

TECNA MACHINES has developed its potential primarily in the area of mechanical engineering and industrial design. All of our designers and engineers have vast experience in CAD modeling, reverse engineering and 3D technologies aimed at creating mechanical pieces, production processes and functional sets high production automatic machines.

The following 3D services are available to our customers and industrial companies:

- Mechanical CAD Modeling
- Mechanical Prototyping
- Reverse engineering
- Advice on 3D technologies
- 3D Printing
- 3D Scanning

We use the software line GEOMAGIC that belongs to 3DSystems for mechanical design, which connects designers and engineers with advanced CAD design tools offering dynamic design analysis with simulation to cover different engineering needs:

- Geomagic Design Parametric CAD Software including tools such as integrated assembly, direct editing, movement analysis and integrated CAD data exchange analysis.

- Geomagic Design X The most complete Software in the Industry for reverse engineering combining CAD design data with 3D scanning in order to create editable solid models based on certain pre-existing characteristics.

- Geomagic Freeform Versatile design platform used to create complex 3D sculptural models, ready for 3D printing or manufacture by molding.

3D Sector
3D Printer with DMP technology (Direct Metal Printing) used for different metals such as aluminum alloys, titanium, chromium cobalt. Modelo DPM 320, 3DSYSTEMS