Ultrasonic welding
Ultrasonic welding machine of automotive door panels. Robot integrated ABB.

Tecna Machines integrates to its range of machines, the ultrasonic plastic welding product line of HERRMANN Germany (www.herrmannultraschall.com), a leading company in "Ultrasonic welding equipment”. Tecna, as a machine manufacturer for industrial production of ultrasonic welding, has carried out projects and works for TOYOTA BOSHOKU.
In this case, the machine has an integrated ABB Robot.

Plastic automotive part Welding machine

Welding machine for plastic auto parts plastic parts
Hermann sonotrode packages integrated to a plastic auto part welding machine.

For certain welding part operations for the automotive industry with multiple welding points, lines or areas.

Machine constituent systems and complete process:

- Loading device and part mounting.
- Linear guide carriage motion system.
- Ultrasonic welding system(generators and sonotrodes).
- Control system.
- Motion and mounting self-holding structure and push plates.
- Safety cab and barriers.

Ultrasonic welding machine with indexing motion plate.

Ultrasonic welding machine with indexing plate movement

This plastic welding machine is ideal for industrial production lines of consumer goods.
It is a mode of production with short cycle times.
It also offers process control and perfect union quality.